Heal the natural way
Heal the natural way

Crystal Therapy

What is Crystal Therapy? 


Crystal Therapy or Crystal Healing is an ancient healing technique that dates back thousands of years. It is a deeply calming and relaxing holistic treatment that involves placing crystals on and around the body to bring balance, release energy blockages and restore the body's natural flow of energy. 



How does it work?


Crystal therapy works on the principle that all matter, including us, is made of energy that vibrates at different rates. The energy that a crystal emits can resonate with and influence our own energy system. Crystals have a very high and precise rate of vibration and so they are utilized extensively in modern technology; from calculators and clocks to their use in computers and laser technology. They are magnifiers of energy, capable of absorbing and enhancing energy. 


Crystals work with our energetic field (or Aura), and can move, absorb, direct and diffuse energy within the body. All life has a system of energy that flows through a network of highways, called Meridians, and energy centres, known of as Chakras. This life sustaining flow of energy is vital to our health and well-being. When we become ill, physically or emotionally, our energy begins to vibrate differently and blockages may occur within our system which can restrict its natural flow. This can also happen through our negative thought patterns or when we experience something emotionally upsetting. These blockages and restrictions can have a negative effect on our physical and emotional health, often leading to illness and disease. Each crystal's unique geometric pattern means it can generate a vibration that resonates with our own natural state, bringing balance and releasing blockages. Once the body is back into a state of harmony and equilibrium, the natural healing process is no longer restricted and we are able to self-heal much more effectively. 



What are the benefits?


By bringing our physical, emotional and spiritual aspects back into balance and removing obstructions from our energy system, we are able to cope much better with the problem in hand, physically and emotionally. Our self healing abilities are no longer restricted. 

Crystal therapy is wonderfully versatile and can be used to help with any condition whether it is physical or emotional. It can help to speed up recovery from an injury or illness and can be used safely on people of all ages including mothers to be. 



What happens during a treatment? 


Treatments usually last around 60 to 75 minutes, depending on the extent of work that needs to be done, however everyone's needs are different and no treatment is the same, therefore your session may run a little longer than anticipated. Your session will begin with a short case history and discussion about your needs. You will then be asked to remove only your shoes and lay comfortably on a treatment couch. I may begin with a short guided visualisation technique to help you relax and will then begin the treatment by taking a Chakra reading using a pendulum to find out if there are any obstructions or imbalance within the body's energy centres. Different crystals will then be placed on and around the body and a generator crystal is used to energise specific areas and to remove blockages in others. Some clients have reported feeling different sensations during treatments such as tingling, warmth or a pulsing of energy and others report no feelings at all. In most cases a deep sense of relaxation is felt and clients may drift off to sleep. 



What happens after a treatment?


Following your treatment you will be given simple after care instructions which you must follow in order to get the most benefit from your treatment. This may include resting and avoiding toxins. 

You may experience a slight temporary increase in symptoms or new ones may occur such as feeling tired or emotional. This is completely normal and is a sign that the body is releasing unwanted energy and shifting back into balance. These symptoms are normally mild and should not last any longer than 24 hours.



How many sessions will I need?


Crystal therapy is very powerful and some minor problems may only take one or two treatments to correct, however a course of treatments may be required in order to help aid recovery or to improve a condition or illness. Other long-term conditions such as arthritis or asthma may need ongoing treatments in order to help manage symptoms. A course of treatments are usually taken with two to four weeks between each session. I will suggest a suitable number of sessions depending on your needs and this can be reviewed and changed in line with progress. You are free to discontinue treatments at any time; ultimately you are responsible for your own health and wellbeing and following the advice of any health professional is at your own discretion.



Please be advised that although Crystal Therapy can be very effective in assisting the healing process, it should only be used in complement to your doctor's advice and treatment. It should never be relied on solely as a treatment and you should always first seek medical advice from your GP if you feel unwell in any way.

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